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Flasks + chain = Sling flask

We love love love this product of ours. We did a lot of customised orders for different kind of bags, patches, earrings and a lot more accessories, but our personal favourite has to be the sling flask!

One fine day we just came up with the idea of adding chains to hip flasks so that its easier to carry for people (It’s unisex, did we mention?). Our vision was to make a statement accessory and we kinda did make it. Its one of our best selling products and honestly it has so much more potential.

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to have our flask:

  • IT’S THE BOMB. No honestly its a statement accessory and will elevate any of your outfit for sure. Actually, it is absolutely the best accessory, is it a bag, it is a flask, what is itttt?
  • It’s a CONVERSATION STARTER. We have taken it to parties and people just come and ask you about it. They are just intrigued by the product and its the perfect ice breaker. (Psst, tinder who?)
  • CONVENIENT AF for a party animal who loves their alcohol. Just spill some alcohol in the flask and go crazy on the dance floor, you won’t spill drinks or break glasses and the best part, only you have access to your drink 😉
  • It’s comes in ANY PRINT PATTERNS OR DESIGN. We can legit make this in any print pattern and design for you. We generally use a lot of pop colors, coloured leather and very very sassy texts as well and we absolutely love the results.
  • It’s VERY VERY TRENDY AND INSTAGRAMABLE. It’s the truth you know? People wanna take pictures with it all the time. Fun fact – people who do not consume alcohol also buy this product and use it as an accessory and instagram the shit out of it.


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