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Taking you through our design process

While you’ve already seen our collection & what we stand for as a brand, we thought it would be fun to take you through the most important part of our creation process – the designing! Let’s go over this blog by taking an example of one product and how it came from a design to a real life 3D product.

Take for instance, our laundry bag – which we have in multiple patters and colours with different kind of text on each of them. We have all seen a basic laundry bag and honestly, it’s pretty meh. We wanted to give it our own touch so we decided to tweak it a little.

The first problem that came to our mind was that either the baskets are made up of cloth  which keeps on falling or they are made up of a hard material which can’t be folded or stored easily at all. So we decided to fix this problem with a foldable laundry basket completely made up of organic cotton and reused foldable boards, Its stable and it is easy to store because it is foldable. The second problem was the boring designs and colors and patterns. Everyone do not like basics, everyone does not want to buy the given black brown blue colours in every product so we decided to come up with some unique patterns and texts that would instantly jazz up your laundry bag. The eclectic blue and white pattern, the laundry basket irony quote, we just want to have fun with the products. The third problem was size and we came up with a perfect size which would fit one individuals cloth perfectly (trust us, we use it).

The second very interesting example would be our leather-glass vase. Its one of our favourite products because we legit up cycled them and it doesn’t even look that way, it looks like a fresh new product. We went and checked out stock and saw a lot of glass vessels in different shapes and sizes, instantly we thought we should use them to make something useful and then we saw a lot of different patches of PU in eclectic colors. We decided to wrap the vessel in coloured PU and VOILA, the prettiest and the most unique vases were made. So the design process is very very simple and fun, we play around with ur imagination to create these one-of-a-kind collections. We love doing that. Go check out the 2 products that we talked about and buy em sooooon.

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