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New age decor and lifestyle with memorey

Decorating our homes is one of the most important part of living especially after the pandemic hit because people are spending most of their time indoors. Homes have converted into WFH stations, Friday nights have been shifted to the living rooms, meetings are now zoom calls.

The space where you live needs to make you happy and should your comfort zone. Gone are the days when home decor catered to just the adults, the youth today are so aware and independent – they need to make their own decisions. We want to cater to the taste and aesthetics of those young adults with the help of our launch collection which are basic pieces with a twist of trendy colour and prints. We came up with cool organisers, card holders, stationery, small trinkets to big decor art for walls, new age cutleries to table tops make up of recycled materials. Basic things with a little bit of edge and creativity is what we stand for as a brand. Everything we make has a thought and story behind it and it ticks all boxes from quality to the aesthetic sensibilities.

We’d love to be a part of your homes, adding a dash of quirk & fun to every corner. Here are the Top 5 lifestyle and decor hot sellers, which you should buy without thinking:

  • The cool, edgy organisers : We might be independent, but we millennials are a messy  bunch. We came up with various organisers to tidy up the mess we make on day to day basis. With splashy prints and oh-so relatable quotes around it, there’s something for everyone & every purpose.
  • The tapestries : We used some spare fabrics to make very cool art for your walls. Tapestries are a fabric wall hanging with different kinds if stuff made or written on it. It is completely hand made and would light up any wall you put it on. Who wouldn’t want their mood put up on a wall after all, right?
  • The pouches : We came up with a range of pouches of different shapes and sizes for people who like to be organised. We put a lot of thought on the colours and the witty texts written on it. It’s not only different from the normal pouches, it also is make up of 100% cotton which is a very cool initiative that we have sworn on, reuse, upcycle and try to use organic materials.
  • Fabric coasters : I know, fabric coasters are a little unheard of but it perfectly solves the purpose of what it has to do. You know the best part, its made up of the material that was supposed to go to waste but we up cycled it (environmentalists, wink wink!) and made it something useful, wasn’t that the lesson 2020 gave us about our planet? Up-cycling is the way to go.
  • Pop colour vases and planters : Okay who feels that they are responsible enough to keep a pet but then end up keeping a plant to test their ability to keep it alive? Yeah we feel you. We came up with some pop colour planters and vases for those people who wanna get the jungle inside their houses. Flowers and plants lighten you mood and day like nothing else so we though why should they be potted or kept in basic boring vase and pots. Our only motive of using pop colors are that they brighten the room as well as your mood so what are you waiting for, so buy some kickass pots and get a plant in your life and promise us that you would take care of it?

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